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Mensaje  SlaySoft el Dom Ago 15, 2010 9:38 pm

Voy Colgando por aquí todos los mods que vaya encontrando, con su respectiva descripción. Iré editando este mismo post principal, y añadiendo aquí. Comencemos:

German Soldiers Mod Fields of Honor 2


Link de descarga:

Uno de los mods más grande del Men Of War, incluye gran cantidad de cosas, como mejoras, nuevos vehículos... incluso mete 3 nuevas naciones jugables: Francia, Italia y Rumania.

He probado el mod y funciona a la perfección, no hay ningún problema, así que animaos a descargadlo, dejo la descripción de la página oficial aquí:

new Nations :

France , Romania , Italy


new Maps :

Wood Edge
River 2.2
Battlefield of Doom
General Winter
German Village
Burning Steel
Bastogne Outskirts
Muenchen Gladbach
Orne Front


new Vehicles :

15cm Nebelwerfer 41
50mm Pak38
Marder III mit Pak36(r) Sdkfz.139
SdKfz 7/C
Sdkfz 231
M4A3E8 105mm
M4A3E2 76mm
Churchill Mk.VII CS
M10 Wolverine
Sd.Kfz.166 Brummbar
Pz.Kfz.IV Dicker Max
M3 Stuart
Cruiser Tank Mk I/A9
Cruiser Tank Mk III/A13 Mk I
StuG 3B
A34 Comet
Centaur CS Mk.IV
Sd.Kfz.2 KettenKrad
Jagdpanzer IV (L/4cool
StuG III Ausf.G
T40 with BM-8-24
0.50cal Browning M2HB
Willys Jeep
75mm LeiG 18
76mm OBR 1927
13mm Hotchkiss MG
75mm Vickers AA
75mm Schneider mle.1912
Renault Char 1 bis
Renault R35
M3A1 Stuart
28 cm SK L/40 "Bruno"
L6-40 Tank
85mm 52k AA Gun
Panhard 178
Citroen U23
Citroen U45
FT17 mod.31
Somua S35
20mm Breda 1935
8mm Breda 37
Sexton (remodelled M7 Priest)
Sherman M4A1 76w (remodelled M4A1 Sherman)
A34 Black Prince (remodelled Mk.IV Churchill)
M36B1 (remodelled M4A3 Sherman)
75mm Vickers AA (remodelled)
Pz.III Auf.E (remodelled)
Pz.III Auf.N (remodelled)


important changes :

- Yearsettings (40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 39-45) all with or without Artillery , 39-45 with no Prototypes, too (all other Yearsettings have no Prototypes included) , only Light Vehicles and only Medium Vehicles
- Flak Guns and all howitzers are towed from the point of purchase
- 170m Ingame Range for all Guns above 20mm
- 200m Ingame Range for light Howitzers (122mm / 105mm / 150mm Sig33)
- 250m Ingame Range for all Heavy Howitzers
- Rifles doing 100HP damages with 100m range
- MGs doing 100HP damage with 100m range
- Sniper & heavy MG have 120m range
- MP does 60HP damage and 50m Range (exept thompson and M3A1 doing 70HP )
- STG44 makes 75HP Damage and 75m Range (but more accurate)
- fixed Firerates for all avaiable Infantry Weapons to realistic Values
- Increased Artillery & Rocket Artillery spread
- changed all Gun Penetration Data for the most used Projectile in every Yearstage
(f.e: 2pdr. has different Penetration Values from 40-41 to 42-43)
- changed avaiability of Vehicles / infantry Weapons for every Yearsetting
- changed Avaiability of specialised Ammunition for every Yearstage (APCR/APDS/HEAT)
- new Weapon sounds for some Infantry Weapons / Guns
- added new Vocies for Infantry
- new Accuracy for Infantry Weapons
- Rare Vehicles restricted in Ammount now
- new Vision Management (elite Troops can look farer)
- Scout removed
- removed any Restriction in Buymenu for the Testmode
- added Smoke Dischargers for some German Tanks (Pz VI-E , Pz IV-G/H , Pz III-L)
- added Smoke Shell for Howitzers
- added France as independent playable Nation in 1940 and light Vehicle Setting
- added italy as independent playable Nation in light Vehicle Setting (until more Vehicles become avaibale)
- added Romania independent playable Nation in 1943 , 1944 , 1945 and all 1939-45 settings
- a few more dead Entities will be shown on the map to make it more realistic
- Dead Tanks have more realistic endurance of Smoking
- Penetration Power Diplay Field can be turned off if the host wants that
- added several new Units and units form SP
- reworked damage System for Damages on all amored vehicles


Timesetting overview :

1940 : France , Germany , United Kingdom
1941 : Germany , United Kingdom , Russia
1942 : Germany , United Kingdom , Russia , USA
1943 : Germany , United Kingdom , Russia , USA , Romania
1944 : Germany , United Kingdom , Russia , USA , Romania
1945 : Germany , United Kingdom , Russia , USA , Romania
1939-45 : Germany , United Kingdom , Russia , USA , Romania , Japan
light vehicles : France , Germany , United Kingdom , Russia , USA , Romania , Japan , Italy
medium vehicles : Germany , United Kingdom , Russia , USA , Romania , Japan
tesmode : France , Germany , United Kingdom , Russia , USA , Romania , Japan , Italy
infantry only : France , Germany , United Kingdom , Russia , USA , Romania , Japan , Italy
tanks only : Germany , United Kingdom , Russia , USA , Romania , Japan


changes in Fields of Honor 2 :

- removed several desyncing maps
- removed models : M1 Garand , M1 Carbine , Panzerschreck , M1 Garand with Grenade Launcher , m43 support gun
- added models : 76mm obr 1927 , l6-40 tank , breda 37 & breda 35
- replaced several vehicle and gun sounds
- added heavy railway gun "Bruno" on map Rail War for both sides
- removed lvt40 tank
- added nation : Italy
- added different infantry weapons for the italians
- fixed m24 and m36b1 hull mg
- reworked vehicle and at gun prices
- fixed bugs on several light vehicles (zis-30 had too much fron amour)
- lowered building time for Hedgehog & Barbwire
- increased HE / FG Shell Power back to Vanilla Levels
- increased Building & Cannon Durability back to Vanilla Levels
- increased Tanks & Amored Car HE / FG Durability to avoid massive He / FG Kills
- readded the FoW Mission pack for Coop
- added new Infantry Squads for every Nation (39-45 setting)
- removed several maps which are now already included in the new patch 1.17.5
- added apcr ammunition for several russian light guns/vehicles
- lowered 122mm heat penetration (su122 only)
- reworked whole mod to be cmpliant with the new 1.17.5 patch
- added marder III Ausf.H , R1 , WZ-34 and 37mm Bofors model
- added Romanian Faction (avaiable 39-45 , 42, 43 and 44)
- added several infantry weapon models for Romania
- increased HEAT ammount in Italian and Romanian Field Guns
- reworked APCR/APDS/HEAT Ammo avaiability for all nations
- fixed Kingtiger with Porsche Turret
- replaced stand mg to new ones (mg42 , .30cal , romanian zb53)
- reworked penetration data for the 93mm built in the Tortoise
- reworked turret rotation speeds for many tanks
- added smoke sells for mortars
- added KV-220 , KV9 and Nebelwerfer41
- added sp mission Market Garden
- land matress , nebelwerfer 41 & 42 are towed from the point of purchase now
- changed firerates for mutiple rocket launchers


changes in Fields of Honor 2 with v1 Patch:

- stationary Mgun's sandbags removed
- fixed Steyr RSO
- fixed france stormtroopers had no icon
- fixed france stormtrooper squad had too much piats
- readded japs for settings : 39-45, light & medium & inf only
- added sfh18 for romania
- added 155gpf for italia (temporary)
- fixed light vehicle setting
- lowered rocket artillery spread
- fixed romanian at miner had no mines
- fixed t34-ot had no fuel for flamethrower
- added 25mm he for the panhard 178
- improved 20mm & 25mm he power
- added french Speech Files
- fixed bazooker weapon lost penetration power over distance
- fixed penetration behavior of APCR,APDS Shells causing
normal AP not to make Hull destroyed
- added maps : Storosavoya , Orne Front, Arad & Farmstead 2
- removed tracers from pistols , smgs and rifles
- changed tracers for MGs/HMGs and Guns
- added bullet visible for guns
- added Resistance SP Mission
- replaced french vickers mg trough hotchkiss mg
- fixed 17pdr. 1943 had no gun name and no picture
- fixed some penetration data for several guns
- fixed M10 Wolverine had too much power 1942
- readded Banzai and Island of Ashes Map
- fixed german elite smg not buyable
- fixed r-35 coaxial MG
- fixed stationary MGs should be more vulnerable now
- replaced Châtellerault modèle 1929 model
- reduced accuracy for 95mm OQF , 105mm StuH42 and 105mm M4 (105mm Sherman)
- fixed destroyed model of the M4A3 105mm
- removed KV-9 due model problems
- added stielgranate 41 for the pak35/36 (from 1943 on)
- lowered firerate of the 13mm hotchkiss aa gun
- replaced GMC Fuel Truck for Russians with a Zi5 Fuel Truck
- fixed destroyed model of the GMC Fuel Truck for the British troops
- replaced mg42 model
- fixed german sniper rifle model being without scope
- removed december map causing heavy lags
- added new CP's model for multiplayer (60,80,100,120,140,160,200,400)
- increased max. money avaiable in all year settings to 1000 points
- added sten Mk. II & III & silenced and the PPsH-41 with 35 shot magazine
- fixed UK had only one stormtrooper & commando squad in 39-45 instead of two
- changed SMG Healthdamage to 60 (45 before) , STG44 still has 75
- change Vision Range for Tank Gunner from 50m to 70m
- showing damage done to targets is now off by default
- increased HEAT Spread on longer Ranges
- replaced MAS-38 model
- fixed bug vehicles cant be destroyed after being repaired
- fixed kv-220 had by default no mg avaiable in direct control
- fixed projectile speeds for several guns
- reduced heat Penetration power for guns above 95mm
- reworked spawnpoints and flagpoints on Station Map
- fixed destroyed texture nashorn
- reworked m4a2 and M4a2 (76)W for brits (sherman III and IIIA)
- removed M4a2 variants for us, they get M4a3 (75)w and M4a3 (76)w instead
- reworked amor data for all sherman tanks
- fixed romanian mortar had no structure shown
- fixed vehicle speeds for several tanks
- fixed several vehicle problems
- added new squads to all timezones from 1940 to 1945
- lots of minor bugfixes (not recorded)


changes in Fields of Honor 2 with v2 Patch:

- removed grenade rifleman
- fixed sexton cp limit
- fixed priest had too small range
- fixed hotchkiss mgun
- rework penetration / amor management
- fixed MAS38 and Browning M19 size
- fixed Barrel size on Sherman 105 when destroyed
- cromwell now has 101mm Front Amor (Mk.VII)
- added cromwell Mk.II with 6pdr
- added Pz. III Ausf.E with 37mm KWK 36
- added Pz. III Ausf.N with 75mm KWK 37
- fixed pivoting range for supporter Guns
- fixed kv1 icon
- replaced PPD40 model
- PPD40 for the russians only until 1943 now
- reworked Weapons for Volkssturm (GER) 1944 & 1945
- fixed nebelwerfer 41 (15cm) pivoting/turning problem while aiming
- fixed 25pdr. spreading
- fixed m18 was not buyable 1943
- removed winterhills and airlanding map
- improved ricochet behavior on small impact angles
- lowered turning speed of KT Turret (even when it was realistic @ high rpm)
- removed Body Amor for all Nations exept for Russians Assault Troops
- fixed APCR/APDS had sometimes strange behaviour when Penetrating
- fixed AT-Rockets had strange behaviour when Penetrating
- removed ground markings (circles) of non selected units
- added new infantry squads
- added new map -> Spaetburgunder & Gorodnja
- fixed accuracy for infantry weapons
- replaced several sounds
- added new Tiger I Skin
- corrected amor data for Pz.III Ausf.L / N
- updated Jagdpanther Skin
- added maps Charnwood and Kharkov
- fixed Map Wuestensand flagpoints


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Mensaje  Sergio el Lun Ago 16, 2010 1:39 pm

Joder, si que an puesto cosas no? jaja

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